Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Solution to Overcoming Insufficient Google Adsense Content

Solution to Overcoming Insufficient Google Adsense Content

Solution to Overcoming Insufficient Google Adsense Content
Tuesday, 30 June 2020

One form of rejection of Google Adsense that is often experienced by prospective publishers is inadequate site content . We know that every notification related to an application to Google Adsense is sent directly to the email used when registering. Sometimes this rejection-related notification is quite confusing and even arguably inversely proportional to what we have tried on a blog or website. One of the reject emails is 'Inadequate content' and is not clearly explained what the content is, what it lacks, and how to improve it.

For that we need to understand the message that is not so clear sent by email, by paying attention to all the intricacies related to your blog. Because, do not rule out not only the content that is the problem, it could be other things on the website or blog that support the non-acceptance of sites to display Google Adsense ads.

Solution to Reject Google Adsense Submissions Because of Inadequate Content

As I mentioned above that one of the reasons for not accepting submissions to become a Google Adsense publisher is because the content is inadequate. In fact if you think about the blog content so much and your blog or website has been online long enough, the following solution.

1. The number of articles is small and the number of words the article is minimal

One reason is rejected by Google Adsense on the grounds that the content is inadequate because the number of articles in your blog is still small and the words in each article are still very minimal so that it does not meet the expectations of Google Adsense.

The solution, if you intend to monetize a blog with Google Adsense, you should write articles from the beginning of the blog write up to 950-1500 words per article, also at least 30 blogs already filled with original content from your own concoction.

2. More pictures or videos than words in blog articles

The next cause is any or more blog articles that are dominated by images and videos. Actually this is not prohibited, but don't overdo it, especially if it turns out the number of words in the article is very small and not comparable with existing images or videos. Google considers articles like this have not been able to explain anything from the content of the articles presented.

Therefore, the solution is to keep inserting images or videos as optimal as possible and coupled with an adequate number of words for each blog post, so that each post is more dense in content.

3. Use heading tags in posts

The next reason that makes a Google Adsense application rejected is due to inadequate content because it does not use H1, H2, or H3 format heading tags (headings, sub headings, or minor headings) in every post on your blog. This heading tag aims to emphasize important points in each post.

As a solution, use the heading tag as much as possible, so that visitors can easily navigate the important points in each post that is presented.

4. Clarity of the navigation menu and blog widget

The use of navigation menus and blog widgets aims to facilitate visitors to explore the blog when in it, so that the blog looks user friendly. Clarity in the use of navigation menus must be considered as well as the use of adequate widgets.

The trick is to use the menu by utilizing labels that are part of the content in your blog. Do not use the navigation menu (label) that is not found on the blog, and use the default blogger widgets such as popular post widgets without using thumbnails, archive widgets, and complete with search fields so that visitors more easily find the articles they need on the blog.

5. Blogs are still new and have not been indexed by Google's search engine

The possibility of rejection of the latter by reason of inadequate content because blogs are still very young and not yet indexed by Google search engines. In the TOS also mentioned that Google Adsense will not accept blogs or websites that are still under development and renovation, although this is also not a definite reason.

The solution is to use a blog template that really has an optimized appearance (not beta), is not cluttered and is easy to navigate by users or visitors. And make sure the blog is old enough, meaning that it's not just the length of the online course, but also really special content content, containing new things that are more popular, this will encourage blogs and articles in which can be indexed quickly by Google search engine.

Thus the article about the Solution to Overcome Google Adsense Rejection because of Inadequate Content. Hopefully this simple explanation can help your difficulties.
Solution to Overcoming Insufficient Google Adsense Content
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