Sunday, 30 August 2020

Audience Network Facebook The Adsense Competitor Candidates

Audience Network Facebook The Adsense Competitor Candidates

Audience Network Facebook The Adsense Competitor Candidates
Sunday, 30 August 2020

In recent times, I often access several sites from Facebook. Actually it is not an extraordinary thing, because indeed it is one of many people's habits. Hundreds of information are easily shared by users on their Facebook accounts.

Not a few of the sites that I opened implement the AMP page, which when opened will use the Facebook body as the medium. When browsing, native ads often appear in the middle or end of the article. At first I thought, it was from Google Adsense. Because there is a sponsored post.

But then I realized that the ad didn't belong to Google at all. But have their own Facebook. I also found an audience called Audience Network by Facebook. This service is a Facebook advertising application, similar to combining Google Adsense and AdWord in one house.

Actually this Audience Network has been a long time. I just don't update it. Indeed, in the past, people could only advertise on Facebook, so their income was crazy. It's also what makes Mark Zuckerberg one of the richest people in the world. But now it's starting to open up.

They have a special service for developers. We can display native Facebook ads that are tailored to the appearance and concept of the original content. Yes, it's similar to Adsense, except for the type of advertisement. Facebook further implements individual-based advertising.

Although the Audience Network allows us to earn money from applications or websites, including blogs, they have very strict rules. It's not a matter of supporting supporting Indonesian-language sites, but it's much more complicated than that.

Here's how and the conditions for starting monetization through the Audience Network.

1. Blogs or sites must implement the SDK

Maybe this is what makes foreheads frown, because not all bloggers apply the SDK aka Software Development Kit in developing their blogs. So this SDK device is used to create software to make certain packages. One of them includes application programming interface (API) programming.

But those of you who have implemented the SDK will easily integrate applications or websites with the Audience Network. Even though they suggest implementing the SDK, that doesn't mean it's not open to others. Because Facebook actually only suggests.

2. Must have a Monetization Manager account

Monetization Manager is a platform in Facebook Business Manager. Make Business Managers have their own way. So it's the same to do monetization you have to create a Business Manager page first, then the Monetization Manager application.

This application will later replace the Audience Network from Facebook for Developers. His duties are many, from managing properties to placing ads and maximizing revenue. Maybe some people just imagine it already mumet. Relax, you are not alone.

3. The application must be on the Google Play Store or App Store

Wait .. Yes, because basically to monetize Audience Network only supports the mobile version, the conditions are tough. We must at least post our site or site application on the Google Play Store or App Store.

That's why they are so supportive of sites that implement the SDK. Even if it's not on the App Store, they'll ask our SDK expert team to do some testing. If everything is successful then they will talk about integration and payment accounts, just in case they get income from Facebook.

Maybe because of the uphill struggle above, not many bloggers talk about it. The average site that displays ads from Facebook is also a company that has a special team of experts. Facebook seems to limit cooperation on conditions that are a little selective.

If the implementation were easier, maybe the Audience Network would really become a competitor to Google Adsense. But looking at the show, it will be difficult. Adsense is still the favorite among bloggers.

I will still test this Audience Network. Just in case there is an easy way to go. Even if someone has tried it, feel free to share their story in the comments column. Who knows, I might be wrong in reacting to this Audience Network.

Greetings creation!
Audience Network Facebook The Adsense Competitor Candidates
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