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How to Make Auto Refresh on Blog Pages

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Some sources state that one of the goals of installing auto refresh on blog pages is to help increase blog visitors.

How to? So here Arlina Code will share tips on Making Auto Refresh on Blog Pages that you can add easily. Here are the steps:

How to Make Auto Refresh on Blog Pages

1. Login to your Blogger account.

2. Select the Themes tab menu> Edit HTML> Find the code below (press Ctrl + F to perform a search). </head>

3. Put the following code above the code</head>

<meta content='60' http-equiv='refresh'/>

Information :

Number 60is the time it takes to auto refresh, change as desired

4. Then Save the theme .

Watch this video to see the results, in my video I set auto refresh every 10 seconds

Well, what you need to pay attention to in installing auto refresh on blog pages is the time setting because if it is too fast, search engines, especially Google, will consider it an act of traffic manipulation, as well as the convenience of blog visitors. Try to set the time not too fast and too much.

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