Sunday, 30 August 2020

Maximizing Adsense Income with Certified Partners

Maximizing Adsense Income with Certified Partners

Maximizing Adsense Income with Certified Partners
Sunday, 30 August 2020

In several Bloghint posts that discuss Google Adsense, many questions arise about how they can be accepted as publishers or ad publishers. There are those who claim to have repeatedly registered but are also rejected, some have given up hope and do not want to register again.

Admittedly, Google Adsense is still the favorite for bloggers to boost their blogs. I myself was very happy when I first received Google Adsense. Like when he passed the National Examination with very good grades. The point is pride and great pleasure.

But then, the challenge is not just applying and getting accepted. What to think about after that. How to increase income and make a blog really a money machine. It is not easy and many even fail because they want to earn quickly by using dirty methods.

If so, not a few must be banned. Though Google is not a stupid machine. There are many people involved behind it, who are ready to blow the blowpipe if the user does anything naughty. Even if you get away from Google's spy, wait for other people to report it.

Basically, there is no gap for Adsense publishers to do evil. They have clear and strict rules. So I suggested going the normal way and recommended by them. One way that can be taken to increase income is by collaborating with AdSense Certified Partners.

Get to know the Google AdSense Certified Partner Program

In short, this program can be described as a third party that is trusted by Google to manage a publisher's Adsense account. It must be understood, that Google Adsense is not fully run by machines. There are many people involved behind it, so Google sees the need for outside help.

Assistance from outside, especially to provide assistance to ad publishers in order to increase their income. Since 2015, Google has closed registration to become a certified partner, although they still provide an application page.

So far, as I know, Google has collaborated with 38 certified partners around the world. Some of them are active in Indonesia, such as ADOP and Geniee . Especially for Geniee, the business base is actually in Japan, but is currently starting to penetrate Indonesia.

This Google certified publisher partner program can be a good solution for ad publishers. They are experts or experts who have gone through many stages of training in developing Google Adsense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers.

Their main task is to assist and provide input to Adsense publishers in operating their accounts. Can also provide solutions for how to place advertisements with very high potential returns. One of them is what Bloghint does by installing sticky ads on the right and left sides of this blog.

Sticky ads are a format that must be approved by Google. Incidentally, Bloghint is collaborating with Geniee India. It was through them that I got the green light to install sticky ads on the right and left sides.

How to Find an AdSense Certified Partner?

This question may be a cliche. However, many also question this. Please read the main answer on the AdSense Certified Partner Program page It also mentions all partners who have collaborated with Google and their email addresses and websites if they are interested in a relationship.

If asked, does Bloghint also apply for cooperation? The answer is no. I didn't apply, but one sunny day, my email received a new message from Mas Viddy Rizkiyansah, representative of Geniee India. He offered to collaborate with one of the websites that I manage.

Long story short, the cooperation was established even though there were obstacles. Then, we talk about this collaboration again to be diverted to the Adsense program which targets Bloghint. So, until now I am still cooperating with them.

I don't want to explain at length about Geniee, friends, please learn for yourself on the website. Or if you want to collaborate with them, contact Mas Viddy's email at will be happy to help.

In essence, cooperation with Google's certified partner program, not only assisting when developing income, but also can help register. There are many tools that can be used to increase income that only they have.

A little illustration, to work with one of the Adsense partners, everything is free, but you must be willing to share your Adsense income with them if the program is already running. Your Adsense account will also say Managed Account, which means your account is currently managed by a third party.

Luckily, it works with Google Partners

Speaking of profit and loss, I think it will be different depending on the angle from which one program is viewed. In this case, if you see the profit sharing that is done with them, it feels uncomfortable. However, on the one hand, with their help there is a big and small role that makes our income from Adsense slightly increase.

For each partner, the benefits vary. Even then, you still have to count how many of their programs are used on our website or blog. But in general, working with Google partners has many benefits. One of the interesting things is that our account will become a premium account.

Premium accounts certainly have their own advantages compared to regular accounts. Where the types of advertisements that appear will vary and the income will also increase. In general, here are some of the benefits you can get from working with Google partners.

  1. As publishers, we will get complete services in the operation of Google Adsense, implementing to testing suitable ads.
  2. We will also get access to mobile, web, application and responsive design development.
  3. Will have access to use content moderation tools. One example is the Adpushup developed by Geniee. 
  4. We will also get platform and monetization solutions for videos
  5. There will also be ad adjustments with the blogs that we manage. 
  6. The most exciting thing with this collaboration is that we are assisted in tracking the quality of the website to detect common Google violations that occur so that we can provide early warnings which means helping to protect the Google AdSense account from being banned. 
  7. No less important, as publishers, we will get free consultation and support in developing a blog or website. 

Even though it is seen as very beneficial, this collaboration will not work well if the traffic to our blog or website does not increase. So the main key to the success of this partner program, the first thing to do is increase the number of traffic.

The good thing is, with this collaboration, the remaining website owners devote their attention to creating content. Let partners work for income optimization. Even though in this article I mention several Google partners, that doesn't mean I suggest working with them. The choice remains with each individual. So please learn and have fun working!
Maximizing Adsense Income with Certified Partners
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