Sunday, 30 August 2020

The Best Way to Monetize Blogs with MediaVenus

The Best Way to Monetize Blogs with MediaVenus

The Best Way to Monetize Blogs with MediaVenus
Sunday, 30 August 2020

Forbes has issued a report that native ads will dominate the world of global advertising for the foreseeable future, they even predict that 74 percent of world ad spending will be absorbed by native ads.

Adyoulike also said the same thing. As reported by The Huffington Post, they noted that in 2018 ad spending specifically on native ads will reach $ 59 billion worldwide. With predictions from the world's advertising experts, it's no wonder that Google Adsense has also begun to explore this more communicative type of advertising. Called communicative, because native ads seem closer to users than ordinary ads in the form of banners or plain text.

Native ads are a type of advertisement in the form of multimedia content. The cool language, advetorial advertising in the digital world. The form of broadcast can be anything, ranging from banners, articles or other types. But basically, native ads are promotional media whose containers are through content. The goal is of course for consumers to believe in buying or doing something. Because native ads have a bright future. So do not be surprised if there are currently many advertising services that focus primarily on native ads. There are so many, sometimes there are those who act fraudulently and do not promise. Therefore, being selective in choosing native ads services must be put forward.

There are many factors that must be considered before making a choice. But most importantly about the support of the Indonesian language. Because we, as citizens of Indonesia, certainly do not want the wrong market. The content is in Indonesian but the advertisement is for a different language community. That's ridiculous.

A few days ago, a friend who I trust from India gave a suggestion to try a credible native ads service. He has used the service for his personal blog and the results are more effective in making money on the internet. The service is called MediaVenus .

Without further ado, I also tried to use MediaVenus for several blogs that I manage. The results are indeed promising and can also be juxtaposed with Google Adsense. That's it, for those of you who haven't been accepted by Google Adsense, this could be the best alternative to monetizing a blog.

What is MediaVenus?

Maybe I and some of my friends didn't know about MediaVenus at first. So far, I and some other bloggers are still fixated on earning through Google Adsense. It's actually a small thought, because cyber media has transformed into something without limits.

As I said before, MediaVenus is a native ads servicewhich allows us to make money by taking advantage of blog visitor traffic. That is, by visiting our blog only and people seeing the ad, they have already received payment from them, not to mention when the ad is clicked on by the visitor. Such a system allows us to earn more. Especially if the blog that we manage has been crowded with visitors. There are many reasons why you should choose MediaVenus as your blog monetizing field. First, this service has been proven to pay its publishers. Second, it supports Indonesian and 50 other languages ​​from 200 participating countries.

There are more than 110,000 publishers from 30 countries who entrust their ads to MediaVenus. As a publisher we also don't need to worry, because they strictly handle malware code. If an advertiser is caught installing malware, they will be immediately kicked out. It guarantees us that their advertisement will not disturb our beloved visitors.

There are also many choices regarding the type of advertisement. We can even target very specific visitors, such as their gender and preferences. MediaVenus provides special tools to maximize income. Even though they are not headquartered in Indonesia, they provide a personal manager who can help us with any problems we face. The language also uses the language we use everyday.

Regarding payment, MediaVenus will pay us every week with a nominal CPC offered of $ 0.07 and CTR $ 0.46. That means, the higher our daily visitors, the greater the income we get. They accept payments in various forms with a minimum payment of $ 15 and if it is a direct transfer to a personal account of $ 500.

In terms of facilities and comfort, I like MediaVenus over other similar services. While registration is easy enough, it doesn't even take up to five minutes, there are fixed rules that they enforce. Maybe this is a little burdensome for bloggers in Indonesia.

Other rules, not much different from similar services, except the number one rule is that the site or blog that wants to be installed with MediaVenus ads must be a site with paid hosting. Which means, free blogs fall first, as well as free blogs that have custom domains.

In addition to blogs or sites with paid hosting, they also set rules, our blog visitors must have at least 500 views per day. So, before registering must make sure of this.

These slightly strict rules make MediaVenus even more trusted, because they don't place their ads carelessly. They curate and thoroughly research each publisher. This will affect their advertisers. Trust in the advertising business is number one and it is well awareMediaVenus.

How to Register on MediaVenus

After knowing the basic rules set by MediaVenus, my fellow bloggers and countrymen feel confident enough to register. No need to wait long, register by visiting their site on MediaVenus or visiting the following page.

how to register is very easy, just three steps, sing up with approximately two clicks, place the ad on the blog or site that is registered and then make money. The process doesn't take long, it's all done in a simple way. The dashboard display is also user friendly so it is suitable for even those who are not advanced.

What must be considered, if you want to make money through a blog, register on the For Publishers tap, not For Advertisers, because it's for advertisers. Simply enter general data, such as email, password, select the language and country. For language there is no select English but the country or country select Indonesia.

After that, click Sign Up and they will send you an email notification for verification. Click the link that was sent and then, you have successfully registered with MediaVenus. Please login using the email and password that was previously created.

After successfully logging in, a dashboard display that is simple and pleasing to the eye will appear. To add a website, simply click Add Website. Remember, before registering, make sure your site meets the requirements I mentioned earlier.

When registering a site there are several things that need to be considered. First about the subject site. Choose your site or blog category according to your needs. There are many choices in the subject site. After that, enter your site URL by first typing http: // in front of it.

In the URL statistics section, if you don't use special tools to increase traffic, then leave it blank. Likewise with the two login passwords below. Before clicking Add Website make sure the check is in Add Widgets, because MediaVenus basically works using widgets.

The next page, is the process for generating widgets. In this section, you can adjust how the advertisement will appear. You can also choose to use a banner if you wish. Don't forget to also give the widget a name, so it's easy to measure its performance.

In addition to adjusting the appearance of the ad, in this section, we can also control what advertisements will appear. We can filter out unwanted advertisements such as ads 18 years and over or online gambling if desired. Please select and tick the ad in the More section.

At the end of this display, there is a preview of the ad that has been successfully created. One of the advantages of MediaVenus is that we can advertise on the blog without having to include their logo. But if you feel it is necessary, there is no harm in displaying the MediaVenus logo. If it's okay with the arrangements. The next step is to click Save to save all the settings.

MediaVenus will moderate the submitted widget submissions. They will start curation after we put the code specifically on the blog or site that is registered. Remember, posted on a registered blog, don't blog another, because it will result in moderation.

How to retrieve the code specifically by clicking on Website in the menu tab and selecting Show Widgets. On the right there is an eye image, click on the logo and the ad code will appear as follows. Copy everything and post it on your site or blog in the widget section. For WordPress users, go to the Appearance section and select Widgets then click Text and paste the code in it.

MediaVenus will moderate ads. They will notify the decision to email, whether our widget is approved or not. If your blog is high traffic, it is very likely to be accepted very openly. But if the blog still lacks visitors, please be patient and try to increase traffic first.

I think for promising results, it is not always easy. That's why I love MediaVenus. Because he encourages us to improve visitor traffic first, before promising money. I think the advertising media should be like that. So that in the future there will be no complaints why the advertisement is not earning.

If any of you have not been accepted by MediaVenus, don't be discouraged because you can still earn money by running their referral program. The offer is quite promising, which is 50 percent of their income if you manage to find subscribers for MediaVenus.

For those of you who have successfully registered and moderated by MediaVenus. Don't forget to set personal information in the Profile section. You also have to set a payment method. They accept payments to many services, one of which is PayPal. There is also direct via bank transfer. Minimum nominal as shown above.

If you have to give a value to this MediaVenus service, I don't hesitate to give it a score of 9 out of 10. Even though some Indonesian publishers have complained about their CPC and CTR values, I consider it a market dynamic that is not constant.

So, please try it yourself to feel the sensation and experience of hunting for income from blogs. Register for MediaVenus  to get more benefits. MediaVenus is also safe paired with Google Adsense, so don't worry. 
The Best Way to Monetize Blogs with MediaVenus
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