Sunday, 20 September 2020

Basic SEO preparation for the newly created blog

Basic SEO preparation for the newly created blog

Basic SEO preparation for the newly created blog
Sunday, 20 September 2020

Basic SEO preparations for blogs What has just been created : especially for beginner bloggers- Many bloggers are very unfamiliar with the world of blogs, maybe even for the first time they were just getting to know and blogging for the first time at that time, please note that blogs are not just writing articles, there are several the basic steps that must be done before the blog that you have just created and also the new articles that you publish can be found by other people and become popular, because in general, when creating a blog for the first time, especially for beginners, maybe all they have in mind is just publishing articles. , then they hope that the article can be found and read by other people and their blog gets a lot of visitors.

Without any effort, and without knowing how these expectations seem to be swallowed whole, indeed for beginner bloggers most do not understand how to start and what we should do for the first time when the blog is finished, and what we should do when the article is finished. after we publish it, is there anything else to do other than just publishing articles ?. These questions are like the questions I asked when I first started blogging, what I did at that time was just starting with a blog, then continuing to make articles regularly without any further effort, as a result I hope at that time I want the blog to be read and visited by people. then getting a visitor cannot be reached.

In this article, I am just trying to share, especially for beginner bloggers who don't know what direction they should take after creating a blog and publishing articles. The following are basic SEO tips for the blog that we just created :

1. Create a blog

If you happen to don't have a blog, feel free to create a free blog first, please read the Easy Way to Create a Blog

2. Create a google webmaster tools account and submit our blog address there

After you finish creating a blog, the next step, please create a google webmaster tools account and register the blog address that you just created there, if you don't know how to register and how to submit a site on google webmaster tools, please read how to create a google webmaster tools account .

With the google webmaster tool, the interaction between the google search robot and the blog that we have is easy to monitor, and if an error occurs or an error on our blog can be detected and as early as possible we can immediately fix it. not only that for the long term google webmaster tools we can use to do advanced SEO on our blog.

3. Submit your blog address to the Google search engine

The third step that must be done after you have created the blog is, submitting the blog url address is enough to submit it to the search engine, be it Google, Bing or other search engines, the goal is that our blog can be recognized as early as possible by search engines. because without submitting the blog that we have, it can be recognized in the end, but it will take a long time, therefore to make our blog quickly recognized by the search enggine, please submit, the following example is how to submit the blog url address to search enggine google, here are the steps:

a. Enter the address, it will appear as shown below:

b. Please enter your blog url address in the box provided as shown in the image above, then don't forget to also enter the captcha code in the box provided, and finally if you have pressed the "Submit Request" button, if you are successful your blog will be recognized by the Google search engine. .

To test whether the blog we submit is indexed or not, please do a google search by entering your blog url address, if your blog address appears in Google search results, it means that Google has successfully indexed and recognized your new blog address.

4. Submit the URL Address of the article you just published on the search engine

Every time you finish creating an article, do the same thing in step 3 above, but the URL that is entered is the URL address of the article that we have published, the goal is to make the article you create quickly indexed and recognized by the Google search engine in this case, the goal is is so that when someone is looking for a coincidence article what they are looking for in accordance with the title of the article that we created, our article title will appear in the search results, thus visitors will start visiting the blog that we have. do submit an article every time we finish creating an article, like the steps above.

5. Submit your blog sitemap using google webmaster tools

A site map is a site map that describes the contents of your blog, a site map will help make it easier for search engines when they retrace the content of your blog, for blogspot blogs, the site map is usually located at, To submit a sitemap on Google Webmaster Tools, follow these steps:

a. Enter your google webmaster tools account

b. Select and click your Blog on the list

c. Select the " Crawl " and then select the submenu " Sitemaps "

d. Find and press the " Add / Test Sitemap " then write sitemap.xml Just click on the box provided, then press the "Submit Sitemap" when it's finished.

Resubmit the sitemap every time there are 5 additional articles that you publish, this is so that the Google robot is easy to negindex your blog, so that the articles on your blog are easy to index by the Google search engine.

Such a simple article for novice bloggers about Basic SEO Preparation for Blogs that have just been created which is intended for beginner bloggers, hopefully it will be useful.

Basic SEO preparation for the newly created blog
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