Sunday, 27 September 2020

easy Verify Blog To Bing Webmaster 2020

easy Verify Blog To Bing Webmaster 2020

easy  Verify Blog To Bing Webmaster 2020
Sunday, 27 September 2020


Yesterday I discussed an article on blog verification to google webmaster tools , so on this occasion I want to share articles that are still related to search engines, namely Bing Webmaster. What is Bing Webmaster? just like google webmaster, bing webmaster is also one of the biggest search engines besides google. Bing itself is a search engine output from Microsoft that is growing every day, even by verifying to the Bing master it will be automatically verified to Yahoo. So by verifying the blog to bing master, our blog articles will be easier to find on the Bing and Yahoo search engines. 

For your blog that has not been certified with Bing Master, please verify now by registering your blog with Bing Master. 

How To Verify Blog To Bing Webmaster

1. Enter Bing Webmaster and Sign Up to create a new account (if you already have an account, just sign in)

2. If you have successfully registered, then go straight to the Bing Webmaster main page as shown below.

Enter the URL of your site or blog then click ADD

3. After that will enter a page like the following image.

In the Add a sitemap section, please enter your sitemap, for example then click ADD

5. Next, you will enter the verification code page as shown below.

Copy the code in part number 1 and place it on your blog, how to enter Temlpate > Edit HTML, paste the code between <head> and </head> and don't forget to Save the Template .

6. After the code is placed in the blog template and saved, please return to the Bing master verification page, then click VERIFY . 

After all the steps above are complete, then enter the next stage to submit a sitemap from your blog to the bing webmaster, so that the blog is easier to index by the bing search engine.

How to Submit a Sitemap on Bing Webmaster 

1. Please enter the Bing Webmaster page then click Configure My Site> Sitemap.

2. Enter your blog sitemap in the URL, for example

3. Then click SUBMIT


By registering and verifying your blog to Bing Webmaster is one way to make our blog easy to find in search engines, but it can also increase the traffic and popularity of blogs on the internet.

That's How to Verify Blogs to Bing Webmaster, I hope this article is useful. Thank you

easy Verify Blog To Bing Webmaster 2020
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