Saturday, 5 September 2020

How to Create Personal URL Shortener

How to Create Personal URL Shortener

How to Create Personal URL Shortener
Saturday, 5 September 2020

In this article I will provide a tutorial 'How to Create Personal URL Shortener for Blogs'. URL Shortener = URL shortener yes (* For those who don't know ae: v)
URL Shortener is a redirect unlike other short URLs, which have SKIP Ad, or with other buttons. So if you are looking for dollars by relying on this url pemdenk, I suggest you stop reading it until here. But it's up to you if you want to read more 😂

The image above is a display of my URL shortening hompage, to see the demo, please click the link next to it>
when you visit it, it will feel heavy or load that is quite long, that's because I added an image that is quite large in size, and it's not only 1 picture, but there are - + 5 pictures.

Okay, just get to the discussion.

1. First download the script SHORT LINK 
2. Login to your cPanel / Hosting.
3. Upload the file in public_html
4. Extract the 'EOS V2'
file 5. Move the contents of the file inside the EOS V2 folder to your public_html / hompage cpanel.
6. Create a database as usual, if you don't know how. on Google there are many who gave the tutorial.
7. If you have, please open your web / domain -
8. And follow the instructions on the web,
enter your DB name, user, password. as well as your admin email and password. Done.

If there are no problems, that means you have successfully installed the script, now you can login to the admin page -

and enter the email and password that was created earlier.

* Sorry, there is no SS for the steps above, because my cpanel cannot be opened.
I got the script from the outside web, I forgot the name of the web: 3

That's enough for my short article, if there are problems related to the point above, please leave your questions in the comments column below.
How to Create Personal URL Shortener
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