Sunday, 6 September 2020

How to Get a Free .ooo Domain 2020

How to Get a Free .ooo Domain 2020

How to Get a Free .ooo Domain 2020
Sunday, 6 September 2020

This time I will give you How to Get a Free TLD Domain  , actually this domain info has been quite a while because this domain is being used a lot by Indonesian bloggers, so I just made an article to get this free domain. Maybe because getting this domain is free so many bloggers use it: v. although only 1 year anyway. Then what is the domain name? as you can read in the title, which is .ooo domain (I made an explanation so that the word looks a lot and the blog doesn't look lonely, even though it doesn't read: v).
this dot triple-o domain was launched in 2014 by infibeam, to get this dot triple-o domain for free, follow the instructions below.

previously made proof of the domain that I have registered, please click the button below.

first, please go to the website

If you have, please enter the domain name you want to register in the domain search field
then click search

after you have obtained the domain name, click select, then proceed with checkout


Then a pop-up will appear, you just click (No thanks,) after that you will be taken to the next stage, to enter the panel.
if you don't have an account, just register Click 'Create Account' below.

after registration is complete, then click 'Confirm order' and
then you will be directed to the redirect page.
if not redirected within 10 seconds, just click manual redirect. Usually I always don't redirect, so I have to manually.

Then you will be transferred to the domain control panel, and you can see the domain that you have registered.
the way, hover the menu 'Manage Orders' then select 'List / Search Order', a list of domain names that you have registered will appear, as shown below.

and, congratulations your domain is active.
don't forget to verify the account in the email that you registered earlier.

To set the Name Server / NS, just click on the domain / domain name tab, later you will be redirected to the domain settings page, the options tab will appear, you just click 'Name Server' and set the NS according to what you want.

To make it more sure that your domain is active so you can use it, please check whois, an example of a domain that I registered.

For the problem of free domain / domain renewal or not, it does not seem free and you have to pay for the renewal, because I read it for one year only.

To get a free .ooo domain, it can only be used for 1 IP,
because I have tried to register another domain, but failed with a message (code limit).
however, after I switched to using campus wifi, I tried to register again and it turned out that I could register. so to get this domain. 1 IP 1 Domain.

For those of you who want to register multiple domains, you can try changing your wifi connection, such as using / using a neighbor's wifi, * (It is recommended not to steal a neighbor's wifi, please note that I am not responsible and the sin is borne by myself.)try your permission, or use campus wifi.

Or you can use a VPN, it looks like using a VPN to register a .ooo domain can be done. yes, although I haven't tried it.

For those of you who are confused by my explanation above, please comment below, bro.
How to Get a Free .ooo Domain 2020
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