Sunday, 6 September 2020

How to Move Your Youtube Channel to Another Account

How to Move Your Youtube Channel to Another Account

How to Move Your Youtube Channel to Another Account
Sunday, 6 September 2020

Youtube is a platform for sharing videos to everyone and the biggest in the world, maybe most social media users already know what YouTube is, so I don't need to explain what YouTube is, because it only wastes my time typing and it doesn't necessarily mean it's read by you . And on this occasion I will provide tutorial articles related to YouTube, so get on with it.

The tutorial I will discuss is' How to Move Youtube Channel to Another Account / Other Email 'and of course, this tutorial not only tells you how to move your YouTube channel to other users, but you can also' Add New Users to Youtube Channel 'or' Adding Admin to Youtube Channel'.

Oh yeah, before I go to the point of this article
don't forget to subscribe first to the Youtube channel below.

yep, if you have subscribed
now, prepare the ammunition first.
1. Internet connection
2. YouTube account (1)
3. Other accounts that you want to move / add (2)
4. Drinks (I'm thirsty, just read this bad tutorial.)

Here are the steps.
- Enter your Google / Youtube account
- Enter Youtube Settings
Select your YouTube Profile Photo in the upper right corner, then click Settings/ Settings /

SECOND Settings
- If you have entered the youtube settings,
- Select the Manager section then click ' Add or Remove Managers '


- Later you will be redirected to your Google account.
- After that in the User section, select ' Manage Permissions '


- Click the user icon, which shows 'Person icon with a plus sign beside it'.
- Enter the email you want to add as a new user.
- Then click ' Invite '
- See the image below, there is an option ( Owner ), you can change it according to your goals, the choices there are (Owner, Manager, and Communication Manager) .


- After you invite another user, then you check the email on the 2nd account or the account that was just added.
- Later you will receive an email from youtube, then click accept / accept the email, and you will be directed to a new tab, click accept again .

And now you have access to the YouTube channel.
To delete an old account / user, you have to wait 1X24 hours before you can delete the old YouTube user / owner.

This method is only for Business Account or Business Youtube Channel, not your main youtube channel / main youtube channel account. Because it's your own google account.
If you are still confused about what is meant by a business account or business youtube channel, find out on Google yourself.

Alright, maybe it's enough to just discuss here about ' How to Move Youtube Channels to Another Account ' or Adding New Users to the Youtube ChannelIf you are still confused about the article I made above, please leave your questions in the column below.
How to Move Your Youtube Channel to Another Account
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