Thursday, 24 September 2020

Tips to be accepted by Google Adsense in one list 2020

Tips to be accepted by Google Adsense in one list 2020

Tips to be accepted by Google Adsense in one list 2020
Thursday, 24 September 2020

 Lately a lot of bloggers have complained about being rejected by Google AdSense. Even though there are also many references from reliable bloggers to use their way so that Google Adsense can be accepted. But what is very regrettable is, there are also many of them who want to register with Adsense and then ignore the rules and policies that have been given by the Adsense Pikah. In this case the Admin will provide tips to be accepted by Google Adsense in one list . Read carefully and understand carefully: D

Tips to be accepted by Google Adsense in one list

1. Learn the Google AdSense Policies

First, you must first understand the policies that are applied to register Google Adsense. The policy contains what can be done and what cannot be done. For more details, you can see here  the AdSense Policy


2. Create Quality and Original Articles

  • Use your imagination to create quality and original articles. Try not to Copy Paste the article. If you are used to copy and paste, try not to exceed 30% of the original content. You can change or edit the article as needed and do not change the content of the article. But it's better not because it's not good.

  • The short length of an article that is made does not really matter. Google Adsense prefers articles that have complete and useful content. Because Google Adsense only looks at the completeness of content and the number of visitors who want to read your articles.

  • Also include pictures or videos in your article. In addition to making articles more interesting, the presence of images or videos will make readers not feel bored and have special value for your blog for the eyes of visiting.

  • Social Media is very influential if your content is useful for the reader, not for sure, they will share your post and it will increase the number of visitors to your blog if someone responds.

  • The content on the blog must not contain pornographic content, harassment, bullying or smells of SARA.


3. Blogging skills

After discussing the quality of the article, next is the completeness of the blog. At this stage there are a number of things that must be considered for the completeness of the blog.

a. Support page

Make sure your blog has supporting pages such as My Contact, Privacy Policy, and a disclaimer, I think these 3 pages are enough. 

b. Navigation menu

When installing a navigation menu, try not to put links that point to a label or category page, but links that point to posts directly. Better  "Use a sitemap or table of contents if you want to point labels to an article".

c. Widget

The widgets that should be installed are: Popular Post / Recent Post, Archive, Category / Label, Google Plus Profile.

d. Outgoing link

Use outgoing links, because outgoing links are quite important so that our blogs look more natural. Try to link blogs that discuss the same topic as our blog. 


4. Templates

Use a simple and neat template because Google prefers simple and neat templates. It would be better to use a default template from blogger.


Those are some things that must be considered before registering for Google AdSense. Hopefully after you know these things and follow them, you can be accepted when registering for Google Adsense. If you are sure to register for Google Adsense, you can use  How to Register for Google AdSense to Be Accepted Quickly .

Thank you for your visit.

Tips to be accepted by Google Adsense in one list 2020
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